When last have you had a perfect payroll?

In our experience, we have found that most businesses around NZ have not been receiving expert advice regarding best business practices within their current internal payroll / HR departments and that internal payroll teams often do not possess the expert knowledge required to process payrolls effectively, efficiently, and compliantly.

“It has become easier for people to blame the Holidays Act or payroll systems for these errors however, the Holidays Act has not changed since 2003 and neither have the calculations!”

Businesses are spending inordinate amounts of money on third-party consultants or vendor consultant to force calculations and their interpretations of legislation into the payroll systems without thinking this through comprehensively or even testing these changes. This means that every business has a different interpretation of the same legislation, which is incorrect. This should be consistent, and payroll / HR departments need to start taking responsibility and ensure that they are up-skilled and up to date with the latest legislation to ensure error-free, and compliant payrolls are being managed within their business.

Seminars and up-skilling sessions are only any good if there are clear outcomes. Unless there is an expectation for change or follow-up then Business as Usual (BaU) will take precedence and change will take a back seat, meaning that payroll systems, and or the Holiday Act will continue to bear the brunt of the blame for payroll inaccuracies.  

Integrity1’s Virtual Payroll Office

There is a solution to this, the very reason that we at Integrity1 were established for, we are a fully independent Payroll and HR Business Consultancy and we have given much thought to the issues facing many businesses and the reasons that their payroll systems are fraught with issues and ripe for fraudulent transactions, or even worse potential non-compliance. Our Virtual Payroll Office (VPO) was initiated to answer the call that many businesses have been crying out for but have not been receiving. Fully compliant, fully managed, and a focus on not only accuracy in every pay cycle but also on improving processes that work better, by understanding and re-engineering processes that support your business rather than drain it.

In summary, we exist to change and set the benchmark within the payroll/HR industries to ensure that every business in NZ can be compliant and can rest assured that their business’ payroll is in the hands of experts.

Our VPO is the very first of its kind and has never been seen before in the NZ market. We offer a fully managed end-to-end VPO. Take a minute to imagine that your in-house payroll team consisted of 18+ (and growing) experts all readily available to help and give advice, a payroll department that has a sound knowledge of the Holidays Act and a proven methodology in audit and remediation. We guarantee that this will not be found in any internal payroll department. Secondly, your payroll department will benefit from a best of breed practices, and consistent interpretation of the Holidays Act, and any other piece of legislation that relates to payroll.

We understand that this may be daunting and something you have possibly not yet considered – that is leaving your payroll in someone else’s hands however, we are not a typical bureau or outsourcing firm, we will be an essential part of your business’s operation and ultimately, we want to help you to succeed.

Take the first steps to achieving greater success

The first step to that success is getting your employees paid accurately, and on time every pay cycle without them questioning their payment. This will increase staff morale which will result in a more productive and engaged workforce, which inevitably results in success and growth. We want to build those long-term relationships with you and your team!

We do not just process payrolls, we transform your payroll into a department that is the envy of the country, the best in the market – and people will talk of it too. Fundamentally everything we do challenges the “norm” or “status quo” and ensures that your business will never again have a flawed payroll!

Don’t get left behind… rather embrace this opportunity

In conclusion, Simon Sinek references Everett Rogers’ theory on diffusion of innovations and suggests that the “early majority” don’t do anything until the “early adopters” make the shift – why wait to be a part of the majority when you can get the best of the best working on your payroll now, be the early adopter that everyone else will follow and envy!

Want to know more, let us know and we will gladly arrange a coffee, or even a full presentation to discuss your needs and how we can address this with our bespoke VPO service.