Integrity1 served to ensure our client achieved compliance and greater efficiency across its payroll system  

Our client’s successful position

Business is fast-paced countrywide and globally for our Kiwi client. With 35 centres in New Zealand and 165 bases worldwide, they have been growing from strength to strength, year-on-year due to significant demand for their exceptional services.

To remain in the top tier of a competitive and highly driven sector, consistency is key across all areas of operations – including payroll.

This means their integrated payroll (NZ), time and attendance, scheduling (NZ), and global HRIS system, must operate with compliance and efficiency at all times.

Their payroll problem

The rollout of a new payroll system in accordance with its global operations mandate, proved to be more complex than anticipated. When Integrity1 was engaged to assist with parallel runs, it was uncovered that the new system had not been configured to meet the obligations of the Holidays Act or appropriately support operations, risking compliance and their ability to provide superior payroll services to their 900 employees.

Actioning a solution

Across seven months we implemented specific changes across their payroll system, with a core focus on compliance. We ensured their payroll system was specifically implemented to be compliant with the Holidays Act 2003, and any non-compliant areas were covered by manual workarounds through SOP and payroll checklists.

Compliance secured, we managed their Virtual Payroll Office for four months, meeting key deliverables, these included:

  • A compliant system that pays staff on time and accurately.
  • A VPO process and team that delivered detailed payroll documentation, payroll process checklists and standard operating procedures.

In summary, our works involved:

  • Ensuring the migration to new payroll system was compliant with New Zealand payroll legislation – especially the Holidays Act 2003.
  • Data cleansing and migration, scenario testing, parallel runs, change management and live rollout.
  • Vendor management and project management
  • Managing the end-to-end payroll via our VPO for four months, whilst our client recruited a new internal payroll team.
  • Ensuring their new payroll team was up to speed with their system and processes.

A successful outcome for the long-term

Now, with a fully trained internal team onboard, our client is assured of a streamlined, payroll system. Which guarantees:

  • All 900 staff are paid on time, every pay run.
  • Their payroll system and processes are compliant with NZ legislation – including the Holidays Act 2003.
  • Their new payroll team is equipped with quantified payroll training and knowledge.