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If you’re with MYOB, you may be non-compliant with the Holidays Act 2003

MYOB recently informed its clients that their systems (IMS, Essentials, Ace, NZ Payroll, Exo, Greentree and PayGlobal) may not have been compliant in relation to the Holidays Act. If you are using MYOB as your payroll software provider, then you may be at risk around your legal obligations relating to leave payments and entitlements.

Even if you’ve undertaken audit or remediation processes in the past, including MYOB’s “WOF” review you could still be at risk, which could potentially cost your organisation thousands of dollars in additional costs.

Knowing your business’s position

Know exactly where your business stands with an Integrity1 Holidays Act Compliance Mini-Audit – developed to help you as quickly and economically as possible to gain assurance around your compliance. These have been developed so that we can help to quickly assess your individual situation and give you peace of mind.

How Our Audit Will Help

An Integrity1 Audit will advise you of whether your current configuration supports the type of employees that you employ, and will also focus on leave payments for the sample employees and highlight any calculations/methodologies that do not comply with the Holidays Act 2003.

Any recalculations we provide do not offer to fully remediate any errors; they are simply to determine whether there are errors in your system’s calculations.