Holidays Act Remediation Payment Application for Former Employees

Waste Management, in co-operation with the Labour Inspector, have recently undergone a recalculation of all Annual Leave and BAPS (Bereavement Leave, Alternative Holiday, Public Holiday & Sick leave) payments to ensure they were in accordance with the Holidays Act. 

The period covered was from July 2011 to 30 April 2022 for all current and former Waste Management employees.

Following the recalculation, we have engaged Integrity1, a company experienced in dealing with Holiday Act recalculation projects and payments, to help manage the process around contacting and processing any potential backpay entitlements to former employees of Waste Management.

If you were employed by Waste Management between the dates above, and are no longer a current employee of Waste Management, you may have been affected by this recalculation and can submit an online application below.