Payroll problems affect all businesses – and many go unnoticed – jeopardising operations, blocking greater productivity and profit. Without decisive action, problems escalate including ongoing compliance failure, legislative breaches, and unmet tax obligations. Unfortunately, payroll pitfalls don’t just affect systems – they hurt people. It’s estimated that over 700,000 employees are affected by compliance issues. 

Fortunately, identifying – and successfully remedying – payroll issues, before they compound, is achievable. Our audit services are completely vendor independent, providing expert advice and problem-solving specific to your payroll processes and performance. 

Our focused audit solutions have helped over 100 businesses – and counting – identify potential payroll issues within three key areas: Compliance with the Holidays Act 2003, compliance with other payroll legislation, and system process and operations. 

Integrity1 payroll auditing works to unlock your business’ potential – culling the complex and saving you costs – ensuring you, your operations and people stay moving forward.