The risk of taking things for granted.

There’s a tendency in organisations to treat payroll as part of the plumbing. It just runs in the background, week in and week out.

Then someone asks a tricky question, MBIE targets your industry, or you become aware of issues with incorrect payments or legal compliance. Your payroll may be taking an inordinately long time to process. Perhaps you want to trim costs or implement business process changes. It might be as simple as a staff member leaving his or her job. And you realise your organisation may be exposed to issues with its payroll. 

It’s time to look under the hood and find out what’s really going on.

Independent, expert and unbiased.

Integrity1 provides a range of payroll audit services to help you identify issues and scope the magnitude of any problems. We don’t sell software or provide an ‘outsourced solution.’ We’re 100% vendor independent. We simply want to find out where any payroll problems may lie.

We offer three kinds of payroll audit.