Creating the optimum set-up for your organisation.

As with any type of enterprise software, there’s more to payroll and HR systems than meets the eye.

Different vendors have created an array of modules and options, each with its own unique combination of features and tools. Matching the capabilities of the software to your organisation’s requirements takes in-depth knowledge of IT along with an understanding of what works in the real world.

We’re vendor-neutral so we’ll work with any technology partner.

The Integrity1 team has worked with most HRIS systems you’ve heard of, plus some you probably haven’t. In addition to Zambion, AMS, Chris21, Peoplesoft, JDE, PayGlobal, TimeTarget, Kronos, TimeFiler, Ento, Elmo, Oracle and SAP other MYOB products, we can work with any other system, due to our all-round proficiency in payroll and HR software.

Of course, software is merely a tool to attain a desired outcome. Many of our team have first-hand experience in setting up these systems in previous corporate or technical roles, having worked for large organisations and software vendors themselves.

We are frequently contacted by software providers to assist with new set-ups. They know what matters to their customer is a working payroll system, so they engage us to take care of everything beyond the configuration.