All businesses experience payroll pains – and sometimes they’re hard to shake off. Regardless of industry and business size – small, large and all in between – payroll inefficiencies across your systems can impact operations again, and again, and again. The result? Ongoing frustration for employers and staff and surging losses. Loss in productive time due to constant hiccups, loss in finances due to costly mistakes and loss in legal compliance. No one’s a winner.

Bringing greater all-in-one efficiency to business’ payroll systems is the impetus behind our Virtual Payroll Office. Filling those critical functional and strategic gaps in payroll operations is what VPO does – affording streamlined, pain-free payroll solutions for the long-term. 

The VPO suite includes a fully managed service with hands-on system management and support. You reap the benefits of a fully-operational day-to-day payroll handling, personal account manager, and legislative & maintenance expertise, all utilising your existing systems in one bundle.

Key Features of our Virtual Payroll Office

This uniquely designed package offers you access to our expert resources complemented with executive advice – to give you the most comprehensive Virtual Payroll Office!

Full Virtual Payroll Office

Fully operational VPO handling the day-to-day funciton of your payroll department including and not limited to: Pre-Payroll, Payroll Processing, and Post-Payroll.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager will be a central point of contact for your business and will deliver peace of mind, as well as ensuring that the highest level of customer service is given to your business, every single day.


Regular system and database maintenance with suggested improvements to processes.

Stakeholder Meetings

Included is a monthly meeting with stakeholders giving valuable insight to operational costs.

Centre of Excellence

Use our team’s expertise, gained over decades in high-level roles, to analyze business issues and provide strategic advice. This will include regular compliance reviews, process review and suggested improvements.

Legislative Advice

Legal advice on the various Acts governing NZ payroll and how they should be applied within payroll.