The Problem

Many companies in New Zealand have gone through a long, costly and painful exercise of remediating at least 6 years of their payroll data due to non-compliance with the Holidays Act and many will still need to start this journey.

What we are seeing more and more often is that companies are spending exuberant amounts on consulting fees to carry out these remediation projects, however only half the job gets done.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have we agreed and implemented a compliant go-forward position in our payroll system before the completion of the remediation project?
  • Where there are areas the system is not able to automatically meet compliance or where ongoing review and maintenance is required, have we got a watertight process in place to ensure these actions are taken at the right time?
  • Have we imported our 52-week gross earnings corrections back into our payroll system within a single pay period turnaround time after our compliant go forward has gone live?
  • Can we be 100% certain that payroll after the above process has been completed, is being processed compliantly and we are not falling back into our old habits?
  • Do the payroll team have enough knowledge, support and training to be able to practically apply legislation and contractual requirements to payroll systems and databases?

If you have said “No” or “Maybe” to even one of the above questions, chances are that you are already non compliant again.