Business leaders often point to their people as their company’s best resource. Why? Because it’s employees who push play on the daily tasks that drive company success. When staff continually tick all the right boxes for their organisation, the business reaps the benefits.

However, positive dynamics and company rewards can easily slide by the wayside if employees aren’t nurtured. Those who experience alienation from a business’ values and culture, can also drop in productivity – and this is bad news for business. With no thread keeping staff connected, a business can suffer at the hands of a disengaged workforce, and a drop in revenue.

Knowledge is power

When you partner with Integrity1, you’re in the safe hands of knowledgeable experts. Our years spent working with hundreds of companies, from 25 to 20,000 employees and dozens of payroll systems, means we can provide an independent, experienced viewpoint. Additionally, we have the practical skills to swiftly identify gaps, remediate problems, integrate systems and workflow, and set up your payroll and HR teams to run like clockwork.

When it comes to managing business affairs, you put your trust into lawyers, accountants, IT specialists, marketing experts and many other professionals. So, it’s essential you do the same for payroll and HR, to ensure your business functions at its best across the board.

Cornerstone of success

Employees expect to be paid accurately and on time, every time – there should be no exceptions to this. However, errors can occur and what can unfold is a pattern of mistakes – with several undesirable consequences – if the right steps aren’t taken to remedy them.

Simultaneously, an employee’s engagement can also fall short if they are not fully dedicated to the company’s mission, goals, and values, or encouraged and inspired to contribute the overall success of the business. This is why at the core of all employee engagement strategies; the intent should be to enhance the well-being of every employee.

An organisation may score high on the standard measures however still lose the trust of workers if it does not perform in support areas, like payroll and HR.

When an organisation fails to remedy payroll and HR mistakes immediately, the implications are often wide-ranging. Once systemic errors in payroll occur regularly a slippery downhill slope can ensue, and workers are often stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If their wage/salary is underpaid, they may face financial difficulties, and may not be able to meet their weekly, fortnightly, or monthly obligations. On the other hand, if they are overpaid, the business may not be able to re-coupe the money if left undetected for some time.

In either case, financial woes can breed doubt. Employees question the company’s ability to handle its part of the work agreement. This lack of trust can reverse an impelled and productive worker into an average performer, and it can even bring them closer to the point of exiting the business. In some cases, not even an admirable incentive package is enough to salvage the working relationship.

Fostering strong relationships with employees begins by building a robust cornerstone of proven payroll and HR departmental strategies into your business map. With a robust framework in place, this will lead to:

  • More engaged employees
  • Elevated staff morale
  • More collaborative teamwork
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Greater trust in the workplace
  • Less absenteeism
  • Greater retention of employees, and
  • Increased productivity.

Our Integrity1 team understand that payroll and HR relationships are critical to building strong relationships with your workers and running a successful business.

Bringing an expert onboard to mitigate potential issues and steer your business’ key fundamentals in best way forward is a necessity – not just a luxury. Here are a few more reasons why enlisting expert help and advice for your payroll and HR needs doesn’t go amiss.

1. Taming the compliance ‘beast’

Compliancy is the backbone of any healthy organisation. We know that payroll, tax, and HR laws are ever-changing – and will continue to do so. Our experts have you covered now and into the future. We have dealt with a plethora of audits, remediations and system configuration issues in the past and continue to find new issues daily. We guide businesses through all of these and to ensure they get back on track – and stay on track – with their compliance.

2. Solution finders

A full gap analysis lead by Integrity1 senior consultants ensures businesses receive the solutions their organisation needs to be healthy, compliant, efficient and successful. 

Software is merely a tool to attain the desired outcome – but it is an essential one to know inside out and back to front. Fortunately, software is our game. Many of our team have first-hand experience in setting up and navigating various systems in previous corporate or technical roles, having worked for large organisations and software vendors themselves.

3. Implementation specialists

Nobody wants an implementation to last forever. The Integrity1 team has worked with most HRIS systems you have heard of – plus some you probably haven’t. In addition to Zambion, AMS, Chris21, Peoplesoft, JDE, PayGlobal, TimeTarget, Kronos, TimeFiler, Ento, Elmo, Oracle, SAP and other MYOB products, we can work in with any other system because we bring all-round proficiency to payroll and HR software.

We’re vendor-neutral so we’ll work with any technology partner.

Here are some of the implementation tasks we can handle for you:

  • Writing an RFP that attracts quality responses
  • Vendor contact to establish how they would meet your needs
  • Guidance on vendor selection
  • Data analysis and migration
  • Testing
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Interpretation and systemic automation
  • Project management and governance
  • Change management, and
  • Training

4. Change management aviators

Change is nothing to be feared when you’ve got Integrity1 at your side!  As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus once said:

“The only constant in life is change”

You should embrace change and with Integrity1 by your side you don’t need to lose sleep over your business. Rest assured our expert team have successfully transitioned countless organisations. We know how to do it right.