We are moving to Alert Level 2 based on the government’s announcement. From 14 May 2020, New Zealand will reopen in stages, although there will still be temporary limits on social gatherings. Here are some of the key things you need to know from the government website.

Employees are allowed to return to work, while maintaining strict hygiene and health and safety measures, for example, physical distancing (of at least 1 metre), contact tracing records, regular cleaning, and encourage alternative ways of working when possible, such as rotating or working different hours or to continue working from home.

Remember these numbers:

1, keep groups of attendees 1 metre apart

2, 2 hour time limit for customers

10, no groups larger than 10 people

Golden rules for business at Alert Level 2:

Do everything you can to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at work — we all have a part to play in keeping each other safe. 

  • COVID-19 is still out there. Play it safe.
  • Most businesses can operate if they can do so safely. Alternative ways of working are still encouraged where possible.
  • Talk with your workers to identify risks and ways to manage them.
  • Ask everyone, workers, contractors and customers, with cold or flu-like symptoms to stay away from your premises.
  • Keep groups of customers at least 1 metre apart.
  • Keep contact-tracing records of anyone who will have close interaction (workers, contractors or customers).
  • Reduce the number of shared surfaces, and regularly disinfect them.
  • Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.

COVID-19 is still here, play safe, make sure you do it in a safe way for yourself and others.

Integrity1 understand that current and potential future circumstances can have significant impact on you and your business, so here are some ways in which we can assist and provide some certainty

  • We can provide payroll cover in cases where you are short of staff due to illness or self-isolation
  • We can help you identify and configure any needs to make changes to your payroll system in response to changes in working conditions such as new leave types, rate changes, wage subsidies, absences and more
  • We can assist you with a post-lockdown risk and disaster recovery review and plan a roadmap with you
  • We can help you implement any changes in configuration or change in system which you may decide are required to mitigate future risk
  • We are able to offer all our current services remotely or online, including consulting, training, audits, remediation and implementation assistance
  • Our staff all have the ability and access to work from home should this be necessary
  • Our IT infrastructure is cloud-based and we are able to access everything we need from anywhere in the world

We are pleased to advise that our Integrity1 offices (16 Elliot Street, Papakura) will open it’s doors on Thursday 14 May 2020.

The office has been disinfected for opening and hand sanitiser is also stationed around the office for our employees and clients.

  • Please follow our safety plan when you visit
  • You will be asked to fill in your contact tracing details on arrival
  • Maintain at least 1 metre apart at all times

We look forward to seeing more of everyone again over the coming weeks and months.

Kia Kaha