Partner with the professionals.

Established in 2015, Integrity1 was set up by a team of payroll, HR and HRIS professionals with many years’ experience in corporate and technical roles. We could see that organisations required specialised advice on payroll and HR issues – but they weren’t receiving it.

Software houses and management consultants could provide bits and pieces, but their recommendations tended to have blind spots or come with an agenda. There was no one focused on all-round payroll and HR optimisation.

This matters for two reasons. 

The first is that payroll and HR information systems are complex because they lie at the nexus of IT, regulatory and operational processes. A consultant who has mastered the details of New Zealand legislation probably won’t be an expert in modern HRIS systems or business processes, and vice versa. You need expertise across the spectrum.

The second concern is the risk of getting things wrong. With payroll amounting to roughly 60% of an enterprise’s cost base, ongoing underpayments could become a massive liability, you could also be unknowingly over paying in some circumstances.

A Partner you can trust

It is Integrity1’s mission to develop trusting partnerships with every organisation we work with. We do this by being both the leading Payroll experts, as well as an independent and unbiased connection between system providers and clients. Our clients know that when we make recommendations it’s because it’s what is right for them.

On top of this, our team offers a suite of payroll, HR, and workforce management support including high-level advice & consultation, system implementation, auditing, payroll outsourcing, recruitment, remediation, and training.

Meet the team

“We engaged the services of Integrity1 to assist us in our complex remediation project due to their extensive knowledge of the Holidays Act 2003 and other employment related legislation. Integrity1 not only assisted with the remediation calculations but they took the time to understand our business and ensured that calculations were in line with our operational requirements. Alongside this, the Integrity1 team have extensive knowledge in utilising PayGlobal as both front-end users and building and understanding the configuration. This has led to a successful project to date”

Another happy customer