I am sure everyone is well aware of the escalating situation around the world and ever-developing and changing restrictions that impact how we travel, meet and do business in New Zealand.

At Integrity1 we are taking things very seriously and ensuring that our staff are safe and healthy and following MOH Guidelines as well as putting some key measures in place to reduce potential exposure for our staff and customers.

How we can help

We understand that current and potential future circumstances can have significant impact on you and your business, so here are some ways in which we can assist and provide some certainty

  • We can provide payroll cover in cases where you are short of staff due to illness or self-isolation (provided you are able to support remote work and access)
  • We can help you identify and configure any needs to make changes to your payroll system in response to COVID-19 such as new leave types, reduced working hours etc.
  • We are able to offer all our current services remotely or online, including consulting, training, audits, remediation and implementation assistance
  • Our staff all have the ability and access to work from home should this become necessary
  • Our IT infrastructure is cloud-based and we are able to access everything we need from anywhere in the world
Business Continuity

Whatever your situation or need, we are here to help. Contact us any time to discuss your needs.

Workplace Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Employment New Zealand has specific guidance in response to COVID-19 including how to handle self-isolation and sick leave. 

Coronavirus: Information for businesses(external link) — business.govt.nz

Business Assistance COVID-19 – aucklandchamber.co.NZ 

Workplace response to coronavirus (external link) — Employment New Zealand

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the workplace (external link) — Employment New Zealand

If you have questions about handling information about an employee that isn’t well, including if there is a serious threat to someone’s safety, wellbeing or health, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has guidance to help.

Is it okay to tell other employees that a colleague is sick? (external link) — The Office of the Privacy Commissioner

When can I use the serious threat exception? (external link) — The Office of the Privacy Commissioner

If you’re considering reducing people’s hours or redundancies due to COVID-19, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has support and advice.Coronavirus: Redundancy information for employers [PDF 114KB] (external link) — Work and Income