From Payroll Officers to HR Managers, and more.

Every payroll and HR system has specialist staff at its core. They’re the people who ensure every individual in the entire organisation gets paid the correct amount on time, with no confusion and no second guessing.

It takes special skills to make this system run smoothly, so we take a lot of care finding the right people.

With decades of experience in the field, Integrity1 can advise on the skill sets you require, place advertisements, vet applicants and manage interviews. Whether you’re looking for a new HR Manager, a seasoned Payroll Officer or an experienced temp or consultant to take the place of someone who’s on maternity leave – we won’t rest until we’ve found the right person.

Specialists in permanent and temp positions.

Integrity1 has a database of proven performers ready to manage your payroll functions without delay. We will make sure they have experience with your payroll software to minimise the need for training.

With our deep knowledge of the sector, we will also ensure advertisements are worded to attract high-calibre applicants and avoid unqualified candidates.


First for Professionals

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