You have uncovered a problem, let us get you back on track

If pay has been calculated incorrectly over the years, significant liabilities may have built up and/or you may be overpaying in some areas. Thousands of current staff members – and even more ex-employees – may need to be contacted. The logistics are formidable, and it could turn into an administrative nightmare. 

Therefore, it is vital to run an effective payroll remediation programme. Integrity1 has completed remediation projects for companies with diverse working arrangements and complexity, we have helped businesses across New Zealand and Australia with wage theft and/or Holidays Act remediations, providing end-to-end solutions suitable to their business. 

Our remediation solutions

We can remediate payroll data and retrospective breaches towards compliance and legislation, providing businesses with future-forward peace of mind. Our team of specialists can apply data science to payroll data, enabling more efficient and accurate results. 

We will deal with your software vendors, liaise with government departments, from IRD or MBIE if needed, and ensure your payroll team are fully prepped and trained. 

Our payroll remediation experts can also implement a communications programme to contact and manage the process with all employees (including those who have left) who may be due one-off payments. 

Your remediation programme may involve drafting and sending thousands of emails and letters, as well as setting up an online portal for recipients to register their details. This is a burdensome task for most organisations, but we have the experience and high-tech tools to handle it with minimal stress. Integrity1 has managed payroll remediations involving up to 30,000 people. 

Enjoy end-to-end support from the payroll experts

Implementing remediation without triggering further issues requires expert knowledge of IT, communications and payroll processes. Integrity1 has experts with experience in processing end-to-end payroll, setting up compliant systems, Payroll/HR and legislative compliance. 

Integrity1 has the all-round knowledge to correct historical errors with the minimum of fuss. We can project manage your remediation project, as getting it right is what we pride ourselves on. Contact us today to find out the best solution for you.