You’ve uncovered a problem. Now what?

If pay has been calculated incorrectly over the years, significant liabilities may have built up and/or you may be overpaying in some areas. Thousands of current staff members – and even more ex-employees – may need to be contacted. The logistics are formidable, and it could turn into an administrative nightmare. Any delays with execution will only make an awkward situation worse.

This is why it’s vital to run an effective payroll remediation programme. But who has the skills to deliver that within your organisation?

The solution: Call Integrity1.

We will deal with your software vendors, liaise with government departments and ensure your payroll team are fully prepped and trained.

Our payroll remediation experts can also implement a communications programme to contact and manage the process with all employees (including those who have left) who may be due one-off payments.

Your remediation programme may involve drafting and sending thousands of emails and letters, as well as setting up an online portal for recipients to register their details. This is a burdensome task for most organisations, but we have the experience to handle it with minimal stress. Integrity1 has managed payroll remediations involving up to 30,000 people.