Is your business Sinking or Swimming in a Sea of Payroll?

Knowing where your business stacks up on the payroll efficiency scale is paramount to successful operations all round. Why? Because when your payroll system falls by the wayside, your business is impacted in more ways than one i.e. system compliance failure, staff morale & trust, legislative and data breaches, unmet tax obligations and other financial implications. 

Integrity1’s Managed Payroll Service is an admin lifeline

Efficiency is key for all businesses – small, medium, large – across all operations, including payroll. When strategic and decisive management of your payroll system falls by the wayside, your business is impacted time and time again: from system compliance failure, to legislative and data breaches, unmet tax obligations, and short-changing yourself or employees.
The repeat cycle continues.

Bringing Integrity1’s MPS onboard your business doesn’t just mitigate problems past and present – it provides future certainty and peace-of-mind for business owner and employees alike.

The MPS suite includes a fully managed service with hands-on system management and support. You reap the benefits of a fully-operational day-to-day payroll handling, personal account manager, and legislative & maintenance expertise,
all utilising your existing systems in one bundle. A decisive and streamlined system doesn’t just remedy problems of old, it prevents them from happening – saving you time, money, stress and manpower. You and your staff have the freedom to work in your business – not fixing it.

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Work smarter, not harder
Regardless of your business size or industry, payroll efficiency is beneficial for us all. With the typical payroll team only having 70 – 80% of the knowledge actually required to be both efficient, and compliant, every team has something to gain. So, if you want to close the lid on those common payroll problems above, give us a call, flick us an email and let’s get the MPS conversation started. Better processes, greater efficiency – it’s about time things rolled your way.

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