Our Virtual Payroll Office suite can be tailored to your business needs and fit. Our end-to-end processes and strategies work seamlessly within your operations, ensuring the day-to-day handling of payroll processes – documentation, workflow management and checklists – stay on task.

Alongside streamlined processing, our VPO provides expertise and guidance from a personal account manager, and ongoing legislative advice and stakeholder benefits. 

VPO doesn’t just deliver better processes and efficiency, it affords business owners and employees greater peace-of-mind.

Here’s are some of the key benefits:

  • Single point of reference for all payroll requirements including vendor management
  • No need to change system
  • Overall reduced risk
  • No recruitment, recruitment fees, training required
  • Reduced costs in staff benefits and IT costs
  • Reduced time in staff management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery / avoidance

  • No annual leave
  • No sick leave
  • No loss of internal knowledge and having to re-educate when payroll and HR staff leave
  • Access to 18+ (and growing) experienced payroll and HR resources at different levels
  • Fully managed and functional VPO
  • Continuous improvement & strategic roadmap